Arnold Palmer, Kate Upton to Meet? 'She's Coming Here,' Says Golf Legend

Famous golfer Arnold Palmer may be looking to schedule a date with Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton. The golf legend found out that she would be coming to visit Bay Hill Club and Lodge, a place he owns in his native Florida.

The famous Bay Hill Club and Lodge was made well known by Palmer himself. He purchased it because it was one of his favorite places to golf, and now it's part of the PGA Tour and it's been staple of the Florida Swing for over 35 years. Apparently, model Kate Upton has plans to visit Bay Hill.

"Did you see this?" Palmer asked a reporter from the Associated Press, holding up the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue with Upton on the cover. "She's coming here. Did you know that?"

Upton's manager, Lisa Benson, has connections with the golf legend. Her father used to play with Palmer years ago, and it was Palmer who helped Benson get the job. Now Upton has a lunch date at the lodge.

"That's been a fun deal," Palmer told AP.

Palmer isn't Upton's only date offer, however. A YouTube video that went viral recently reveals a 17-year-old boy asking the supermodel to the prom.

"Kate, can I call you Katie? OK, Kate works," Jake Davidson said in the video, while taking a shower.

"Kate, great moments are born from great opportunity and that is what you have here today, a chance to make a nice guy's senior year the best ever," he continued, while tying his tie.

Upton responded, stating "you can call me Katie if you want! How could I turn down that video! I'll check my schedule."