Arrest Warrant Issued for Dog the Bounty Hunter's Wife After Altercation

Beth Chapman, wife of Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter," is wanted on a charge of misdemeanor harassment, and a warrant has been issued for her arrest in Colorado Springs. She reportedly harassed a teenage girl at Monument Lake earlier this month.

"My husband and I were there with our family, including our very young children, when a young woman in a car with a male driver came speeding dangerously close to where I was walking my dog and to where my children were standing," Chapman told Radar Online.

"The passenger emerged from the vehicle – she was young and dressed inappropriately, drinking beer … and obviously out for a good time. I told her and the driver, 'You need to slow down or I will call the cops,'" Chapman added.

However, the young girl told police that the girl, a student at Lewis-Palmer High School felt very threatened by Chapman and that the case was purely verbal. Witnesses have supported the victim's claims, but they are also are all juveniles.

"Beth just started screaming all these rude remarks, calling (the alleged victim) trashy, that she's trash of the town, that she needs to pull her panties out of her a--," witness Chandler Duke told The Gazette. "I don't know what prompted it. I don't know how she's taking it."

"I didn't like the way they recklessly drove their automobile with young children nearby who could have been seriously injured," Chapman explained. "I didn't like the way she was scantily dressed, flaunting her almost naked appearance in the presence of my young kids. She was rude and I was harsh – that's the extent of it."

Right now Chapman has very few options, given that a warrant has been issued.

"The easiest way for someone to handle a situation like this is to turn themselves in to the local police department or sheriff's department," police spokesman Lt. Steve Burk told The Gazette. "The only other option is if at some point down the road she's contacted by a police officer for whatever reason and they run her information through the system, they'll come up with the warrant and she'd be arrested on the spot."

It's an ironic twist given that Chapman and husband "Dog" are famous for hunting those with arrest warrants. They currently star on the CMT show "Dog and Beth On the Hunt."