'Arrested Development' Returns With 10 Episodes on Netflix in 2013 (VIDEO)

"Arrested Development," the comedy about the Bluth family coming together after the imprisonment of its patriarch, is returning to television in 10 brand-new episodes on Netflix.


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"It's such a dream to be able to bring everybody back together," said the show's creator, Mitchell Hurwitz.

The "Arrested Development" cast reunited in Las Vegas, Nevada to discuss with an audience and reporters the format of the fourth season of the show. The show developed a cult following early, but because it never climbed in ratings, Fox canceled it after three seasons.

Hurwitz, told the audience at the reunion that originally, the new episodes were different than the old ones, but would still be familiar to fans.

"We had this idea that we would do an anthology series and meet the characters-where they've been-one at a time. And that is now evolving, really it's becoming like the old show again," he said excitedly.

The first airing of "Arrested Development" in 2003 was rife with originality: the sitcom was shot with hand-held cameras; there was no laugh track or live audience, allowing more time for plot development and jokes; a wide cast of characters, tongue-in-cheek narration, and constant flashbacks kept jokes fresh.

Hurwitz said it was "exciting" to try to do something so different again by releasing the series on Netflix. It will be one of the few series Netflix has greenlighted for production exclusively on its video streaming service.

"I can say from our perspective there was something very exciting about trying to break the form again," Hurwitz said. "We were very fortunate to even get on the air with a show that I think was very different at its time and I there's just something exciting about doing that again in this new format."

The 10 episodes will be released all at the same time in 2013.

The cast also joked, laughed, and reminisced about their previous time on the show.

"It was very audacious to think we would even get this on TV," remarked the show's creator.

Their boldness paid off. "Arrested Development" won five Emmy Awards for its first season and one for its second. Overall, the show received 21 Emmy nominations over the course of the three seasons. Jason Bateman also received a Golden Globe Award for his role as Michael Bluth.

Mitchell Hurwitz talks "Arrested Development" at the cast reunion