Arrested With $153,000: Drug-Sniffing Dogs Catch Man Boarding Private Jet in Nashville

A man was arrested with $153,000 Monday after attempting to fly from Nashville airport to California. Although the money was stuffed into his suitcase, a drug-sniffing K-9 unit smelled narcotics on the money, and authorities arrested the man once he boarded his private jet.

The man who was arrested with $153,000 of drug-coated money was 33-year-old Conor Guckian, who had chartered a private flight for $20,000 in cash. The move alerted authorities to the "suspicious activity," according to a police affidavit released Tuesday.

Once Guckian boarded the plane with the money, officers arrived and questioned him. The man said he was headed to California to buy gold and had only come to Nashville to see a friend. However, once Guckian consented to a search, a dog smelled narcotics on the money, which had been divided into 32 bundles and wrapped with rubber bands.

"The manner in which the U.S. currency was wrapped in consistent with that of drug proceeds," the affidavit said.

Guckian was arrested on money laundering charges.

The man said he chartered the plane because he wanted to keep the money safe. Eventually he changed his story, saying he only came to Nashville because the flights were cheaper and he admitted to being arrested in New York for possession for resale of cocaine, according to Reuters.

Guckian also admitted to authorities that his bank accounts were purposefully set up to show balances of less than $10,000. Coincidentally, he is still in jail in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

It is currently unknown where Guckian lives.