'Arrow' Season 5 Episode 19: Felicity Goes Rogue

Facebook/CWArrowFelicity has had enough in the upcoming episode of "Arrow."

Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) will sever ties with Oliver (Stephen Amell) and the team in the upcoming episode of "Arrow."

In the episode titled "Dangerous Liaisons," the promo shows Felicity going rogue in order to track down Chase (Josh Segarra). After several failed operations, she has had enough of Oliver's assurance that they will catch Chase soon and make him admit that he was the villain called Prometheus. In the clip, Felicity has allied herself with Helix, the hacker group who managed to convince her to go against the law and her own friends. Oliver tries to convince Felicity to change her mind, but she remains adamant and says he will have to use force to stop her from going after what she wants.

In an interview with TVLine, Amell talked about the upcoming episode, stating that it only gives a glimpse of the changing relationship between Oliver and his ex-fiancée. The actor said that the storyline would provide some answers to the queries on why the pair's connection has changed throughout the season.

When Oliver and Felicity broke their engagement, things started to go downhill for them. Still, her newest betrayal is something that he does not expect from her.

"He does trust her, but that doesn't mean he has to agree with her. You could almost call Episode 19 'Team Arrow vs. Team Felicity'... It pushes us into a real exploration of why Oliver and Felicity have been behaving the way that they've been behaving this year," Amell teased.

Felicity is by no means satisfied with how Oliver has been handling the Chase case. She believes he is being governed by his fears and that Chase has him by the neck following the previous torture. When Felicity met the hackers from Helix, she began to realize that they need to take down the barriers to get better results. Breaking the law is worth it as long as they capture the villain.

"Arrow" season 5 episode 19 airs Wednesday, April 26, at 8 p.m. EDT on the CW.