'Arrow' Season 6 Showrunner Reveals Oliver Queen Faces Challenges in Juggling Mayoral and Vigilante Duties

The CWA promotional image from "Arrow" season 5 showing Oliver in a flashback sequence

Even before the fifth season of "Arrow" concludes, showrunner Wendy Mericle has already tipped that one of the struggles that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), aka Green Arrow, will face next season is juggling his duties as a mayor and as a vigilante.

"Arrow" is an action crime TV series that revolves around the adventures of DC Comics character and billionaire-turned-vigilante, Oliver, who is now a vigilante/mayor as well. 

Becoming the mayor of Star City did not stop Oliver from becoming Green Arrow at night. It means there will be days when he will be severely wounded or will even miss out on his mayoral duties because he had to literally run after some bad guys the previous night.

With that, ComicBook.com asked Mericle that as far as the narrative is concerned, how long can Oliver actually hide or juggle his dual identities and the responsibilities that come along with them?

Mericle also pointed out that the mayor's office has been doing a pretty good job in covering up for Oliver. She added, "I think we'll be able to find story ways to skirt past that, but it highlights what's going to be a central question for season 6, which is, how can he do both?"

The showrunner added that the plot in question had actually been played before in previous seasons. However, she added, "I think that the success of what he's done in the mayor's office and his ability to have impact is going to raise those stakes to a different level and hopefully create some great stories."

While seeing Oliver play two personalities at the same time, the question of how he can maintain it and cover up for it becomes vital as it has been earlier revealed that Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez), aka Wild Dog, will be regular cast members for season 6.

Rene is another vigilante working together with Oliver. He has recently been added to the mayor's office staff, which means having two constantly wounded vigilantes will not be that much helpful to maintain Oliver's Green Arrow identity a secret.

Currently, "Arrow" season 5 is still airing and is scheduled to end on May 24. It runs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.

Meanwhile, "Arrow" season 6's premiere has yet to be announced.