Arrowverse Actor Wants A Legion of Doom Sitcom

The CWThe Legion of Doom in "Legends of Tomorrow"

"Legends of Tomorrow" easily became the best show in the Arrowverse for some fans after its second season, and this is likely due to the Legion of Doom.

This is how the Waverider crew addressed the group who was a pain in their behinds for a while, as they followed them around time and space to stop them from permanently changing reality as they see fit.

The Legion of Doom included Malcolm Merlyn (Jonathan Barrowman), Eobard Thawne aka the Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher), Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), and later on, Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller).

Letscher recently revealed to Discussing Film that they actually pitched to The CW a sitcom following the villainous group on their exploits, and he gushed about how fun it has been to work on "Legends of Tomorrow" with Barrowman, McDonough, and Miller.

The actor shared, "I had a great time with those guys. And you can tell they're having fun, too. It's definitely one of those sets that was really easy to work on, everybody was such a pro. We pitched – multiple times — we pitched a half-hour sitcom version of the Legion of Doom to the powers that be at CW and nobody's bitten yet, but I still think there's a possibility."

Indeed, the constant quarrels and savage exchanges between Darhk and Merlyn with Thawne playing the uptight mediator who is focused on getting the job done, and Captain Cold, who just wants to make sure he gets what he came for, definitely provide a lot of funny material to work on.

A sitcom following the Legion of Doom as they plot the evilest of schemes with their greatest enemy being the unpredictability of life might be something that fans who enjoyed their stint on "Legends of Tomorrow" never knew they needed.

For now, however, no matter how amazing an idea that would be, this is unlikely. Miller has recently bid the Arrowverse adieu while the Thawne is being built up for a big "The Flash" comeback seeing how things ended for him in the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover.

McDonough has an ongoing scheme of his own in "Legends of Tomorrow" while Merlyn appears to have died on Lian-Yu in the previous season of "Arrow" (although this one can be worked around using time travel).