Ashley Judd in 'Missing': Better Than Reality Television

Ashley Judd has taken a step away from Hollywood films to appear in ABC's new television series "Missing." However, the show, thus far, has sparked mixed reviews.

The new series, which is set to be action packed, is about a mother whose son has gone missing. Judd plays the mother, who is a retired CIA agent, determined to find her missing son who she believes to be kidnapped. The show, which premiered Thursday night, has so far received mixed reviews.

Despite many action filled scenes some have found the script disappointing and unbelievable. The Detroit Press pointed out that it made little sense for a supposed 10 year PTA mom to be capable of returning back to her CIA roots in a matter of days.

"Unfortunately for "Missing," a supremely silly series that takes itself incredibly seriously, her skill set is one of many reasons that the show is virtually suspense-free, the others being that most adult viewers will have seen all the movies it cribs from," Detroit writer Roberty Bianco suggested.

Others have also pointed out that the plot for "Missing" seems a tad familiar. "The plot, critics point out, both blatantly rips off the hit Liam Neeson film Taken, and evokes the middling thrillers that Judd headlined shortly before and after the turn of the century."

However, if this were real estate and not Hollywood, then the show might have received more credit for location, location, location. Although the script appeared lacking in parts, the show itself was admittedly entertaining to most.

"The plentiful action sequences are well-done and set against a "beautiful backdrop": Judd's tense and hectic search for her son conveniently takes her past classic European landmarks - both the Eiffel Tower and the Trevi Fountain make early cameos," The Week suggested.

As for viewer opinion, the general consensus appeared to be that it was, at least, better than say, "The Bachelor."

"It is still way better than ANY reality/competition crap!" Wessie wrote on the Yahoo blog.

"I watched this movie last night and it is an improvement over what the networks have been throwing at the viewing public over the last few years. We could use more action thrillers, and less juvenile reality crap," Jack added.