Ashton Kutcher Parties Without Demi Moore (PHOTOS)

Photos showing Ashton Kutcher partying without Demi Moore in a San Diego nightclub on the night of an alleged fling with his reported lover, Sara Leal, have emerged.

According to Daily Mail, the Two and Half Man actor was at Fluxx last Friday night where he partied until Saturday, when the couple commemorated their sixth wedding anniversary Sept 24.

ashton-Kutcher(Photo: Reuters)Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher

The relationship between Moore and Kutcher started since 2003 when they first got together and they married in 2005.

ashton-Kutcher-demi-moore(Photo: REUTERS/Jeff Christensen)Actress Demi Moore and her boyfriend actor Ashton Kutcher arrive at a special screening of the film "Charlie's Angels Full Throttle" June 25, 2003 in New York City. The film opens June 27th in the United States.

Since then, the couple eventually celebrated their anniversary in public. This year, Kutcher was in San Diego celebrating a friend’s birthday, while Moore was in New York City promoting her new Lifetime movie, “Five.” Representatives of the actors have remained quiet amidst the rumors.

In 2010, the couple experienced their first tabloid spat of marital trouble citing infidelity. The couple was able to mend any problems by taking a "spiritual journey" to Israel.

ashton-Kutcher-demi-moore(Photo: REUTERS/Jason Redmond)Cast member Demi Moore (R) and her husband, actor Ashton Kutcher, arrive at the premiere of "The Joneses" in Los Angeles, California April 8, 2010.