Ashton Kutcher Speaks Out on Demi Moore Divorce Chatter

"Two and a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher has apparently grown tired of speculation that his wife, Demi Moore, might be seeking a divorce after the actor allegedly had an affair with a younger woman.

After posting a link to rap group Public Enemy's "Don't Believe the Hype" Thursday afternoon, Kutcher followed it up with a comment on his Twitter (@aplusk) and Facebook pages: "When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME."

His comment, interpreted to be in response to swirling rumors about an impending divorce, has done little to quell chatter that wife Demi Moore, 48, was considering calling it quits.

Kutcher, who has more than 10,000,000 Facebook fans and nearly 8,000,000 Twitter followers, elicited quite a number of responses.

The more than 1,201 responses ranged from sympathy to shock at Kutcher's apparent anger.

Chatter emerged this week when several entertainment publications claimed Kutcher, 33, and Moore's marriage was broken due to the "Two and a Half Men" actor allegedly being caught sleeping with another woman.

Reports have identified the woman as 23-year-old Sarah Leal, who allegedly wants $25,000 to keep the whole affair secret, according to the Daily Mail.

It was being speculated that Kutcher's Thursday tweets were in response to comments his wife of six years posted on her Twitter account.

On Sept. 23, Moore quoted Greek philosopher Epictetus by saying, "When we are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger." The actress, who has just over 4,000,000 followers, has been using the Twitter name @mrskutcher since the pair got married.

Kutcher has been in Los Angeles of late, filming "Two and a Half Men," on which the actor replaced Charlie Sheen.

Moore has reportedly been spending a lot of time in New York City working on film projects, according to the New York Post.

This is Kutcher's first marriage, while this present one is Moore's third. Her previous two, to actor Bruce Willis and musician Freddie Moore, both ended in divorce.