Aspiring Rapper vs Manhattan Executive: Dueling Facebook Pages Seek Justice for Biker, SUV Driver Injured in Highway Brawl

(Photos: Facebook, YouTube)Aspiring rapper, Edwin Mieses Jr., 32 (l) and Manhattan executive Alexian Lien, 33 (r).

A polarized battle has erupted on social media between supporters of the two victims of the wild biker brawl that took place along Manhattan's West Side Highway in New York City on Sunday that left biker Edwin Mieses Jr., 32, in a coma and executive Alexian Lien, 33, nursing a wound to his face.

The viral six-and-a-half minute YouTube video of the incident that dragged out over several miles along the highway has been viewed nearly 5 million times since it was posted on Sept. 29 and the number of thumbs up versus thumbs down reflect the divided sentiments of the audience captivated by the high-speed brawl.

The profiles of the two men who are almost the same age could not be more different.

According to the website, Lien is a graduate of Ivy League Columbia University and a wealthy co-founder of e-commerce firm He and his wife were celebrating their one year anniversary at the time of the incident when the group of bikers beat him and slashed his face in front of his wife and 2-year-old daughter. He is yet to be charged with any wrong doing as the NYPD continues to investigate.

On the other hand, Mieses is an aspiring rapper who goes by the name Jay Meezee, according to He was reportedly only trying to help another biker when Lien plowed him over. He is now paralyzed and is the son of a well-known Pennsylvania pastor.

The Facebook page calling for justice for Mieses had more than 18,000 likes as of Wednesday afternoon, while the one set up for Lien had a fraction of that at just under 3,000 facebook likes.

"Justice For Jay Meezee. The media is trying to paint the man driving the Range Rover as the victim. Yet, Jay Meezee is in a coma and paralyzed unable to walk again along with a list of severe injuries sustained," noted the about section of the fan page for Mieses.

"Alexian Lien was attacked by a group of bikers who I believe were out looking for trouble and trying to instigate a fight. He ran over one of the bikers trying to flee for his life when he was chased down the Henry Hudson Parkway And harrassed further!! I am sure that this event will startle him and his family for the rest of their lives and it is not fair whatsoever that he will relive this day for many years to come! Nevermind the fact that he will be looking over his shoulder every time he gets out of his SUV just to run into the grocery store thinking one of these thugs might be looking for him," noted the description on Lien's supporter page.

"I think that it is sick that there are people out there who are sticking up for the biker who is in a coma and paralyzed! ... Alexian(Victim) was out on his first wedding anniversary with his wife and daughter when these kids thought it would be cool to instigate a fight with them...," the description continued.

"I feel sympathy because I am sure that Alexian was not wanting to harm anyone and that this was the last thing which he was hoping he would have to do. I am hoping to gather as many people as i can who are like minded to share their opinions! I do not have ALOT of time to find things so I am hoping that everyone will share their information/pictures so we can all keep updated! .. I believe in justice but sometimes it is just not enough when you hear about these kinds of people who are purposely causing trouble with no regard for innocent everyday hard working people! Thank you all for being behind this!" the description ended.

"I hope this gets sorted out. This is a very unfortunate event. Regardless of what initiated this chain of events, what has happened to this rider is terrible and tragic," wrote Dan Leifson on a Go Fund Me campaign page seeking to raise money to help Meises' family travel from Massachusetts to New York City to visit him in the hospital where he remains in a medically induced coma and a crushed spine. "I am also appalled at the way the media has portrayed the actions of the other riders. Any rider I know would do the same if someone hit their friend," he added.

Horror on Manhattan highway
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