Astonishing Blasphemous Products Guaranteed to Stir God's Wrath

Jesus has become a celebrity that companies use sell their products in the market. It can be profitable for them, however, for other it is just a BLASPHEMY.

Here are some of the Blasphemous Products we've found out there. Do you think they can stir God's Wrath? Don't answer...

Jesus Adhesive Bandages

(Photo: Flickr/LizMarie)

"Faith can heal you, brother. But a quality, adhesive bandage can help, too! Jesus Adhesive Bandages are the answer to your first aid prayers," says the description of the product in one of the online stores on the web.

Jesus Mirror Compact

(Photo: BlueQ)

Description (Blue Q): "Please him - for christ's sake - and look your Sunday best."

Daily Bread Toaster

(Photo: Flickr/Roborodent)

Imprints the face of Jesus on your toast...

Wash Away your Sins Bubble Bath and Holy Water

(Photo: Flickr/Carree)

Description (Amazon): "Bishop Tested Frankincense scented bubble bath, holy water, and 32-page Goody-Goody Guidebook containing hilarious directions and space to write your wrongs."

Jesus Action figure

(Photo: Flickr/rbieber)

Today (Aug.16), there was just one Jesus left on Amazon...for just $20!

An appropriately named board game

(Photo: Center For Inquiry)

According to Center for Inquiry, in this game you take part in the fate of a would-be Messiah. Your aim is to convince your compatriots that you are Jesus, and you are Jesus alone, ss the genuine article.

"To accomplish this, your Jesus must cut as impressive a figure as possible. He must give stirring sermons, perform miracles, attract devoted followers, and generally carry on in a Messiah-like fashion," explains the site.

Looking Good for Jesus Mini Kit

(Photo: Urban General Store)
  • Get HIS attention - sin repair and fix-it kit
  • Get noticed with sparkling lily-scented body cream
  • Redeem parched lips with virtuous vanilla flavored SPF 18 lip balm
  • Make sure you look your Sunday best in the mirror compact
  • Mirrored Jesus statuette to see yourself within HIM

Looking Good for Jesus Coin Purse

(Photo: Amazon)

 Description (urbangeneralstore): show HIM the money....