ASUS Transformer Prime - A Serious iPad 2 Killer

After Apple launched the iPad 2 in Spring this year many have been on the lookout for an emerging contender tablet good enough to give Apple a run for its money.

Samsung, HP, RIM all launched their own tablet devices this year with distinct features aiming at eating into Apple's market share, but each has in turn failed to stir things up in their favor.

ASUS, however, is launching the Transformer Prime which is already up for pre-orders at BestBuy and launching in Canada on Dec. 22. Critics are now saying that this is a tablet impressive and powerful enough to turn the tables, seriously.

The Taiwanese company is launching the first ever Quad-Core tablet (Dual-Core's successor) to the market-that's 1.4 Ghz of speed - in what many are already labeling as the best Android-powered tablet to date.

Not only is it significantly faster than the 1 Ghz A5 Dual Core processor of the iPad 2, but the reason why it can comfortably be called an "iPad 2 Killer" is because it outperforms the iPad 2 in various key aspects.

Take into account the following:

Transformer Prime 32GB : $499
iPad 2 32GB : $599

Transformer Prime:10.1" Super iPS+
iPad 2: 9.7" IPS

Transformer Prime: 1280x800
iPad 2: 1024x768

Transformer Prime: 150 pixels per inch
iPad 2: 132 pixels per inch

Transfromer Prime: NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad Core 1.4Ghz
iPad 2: A5 Dual Core 1Ghz

Transformer Prime: 1GB
iPad 2: 512MB

Transformer Prime: SD Slot
iPad 2: none

Transformer Prime: HDMI port
iPad 2: none

Transformer Prime: 8 mp camera
iPad 2: 0.92 mp

Not only so, the Transformer Prime could transform into a full size netbook once docked into a keyboard counterpart that will give it 6 hours of additional battery life, something still nonexistent with the iPad 2.

With that said, we'll have to wait and see to what ASUS and Android teamed up can do about challenging Apple's powerful App inventory-the last key hurdle to overcome to clearly claim tablet supremacy and earn the "iPad Killer" title.

Apple Apps are what distinguishes Apple from other tablets. Although the number of available Apple apps may be outnumbered by Android Apps, there is something distinctive about Apple Apps in terms of look & feel, play-ability and their intuitive nature.

However, with high performing hardware contained in the ASUS Transformer Prime, will this allow Android developers to finally produce better Android Apps?

The Transformer Prime is set to launch in the U.S. on Dec. 12 for online orders and Dec. 19 for purchases at local stores.

Pricing: $499 for the 32GB version, $599 for the 64GB version, extra $149 for the keyboard dock.