Atheists Angry at Billboard Thanking God They Are Wrong, Ken Ham Says

Atheists have expressed their anger using "vile comments" at a new billboard campaign telling them they are wrong, according to Ken Ham of the Creation Museum.

"As expected, many atheists showed their real anger against God by some very nasty, vile comments (so they were deleted and banned). Some secularists (after some investigation) were pretending to be Christians and complaining about the campaign," Ham wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday, following the launch of the billboards on Monday.

"It was sad to see many others who I presume are Christians (or at least church attenders) making all sorts of quite ridiculous accusations against AiG because of this direct challenge to atheists."

The billboards reading "To all of our atheist friends: Thank God You're Wrong" were put up in San Francisco, California, and Times Square in downtown New York City by Answers in Genesis, where Ham also serves as president.

As a press release by the organization explained, the billboards are in response to the growing number of atheist billboards that have gone up across America criticizing Christianity and the belief in God. The intent behind the campaign is to give people "an opportunity to witness" and to "proclaim the truth of God's Word and the gospel," AiG wrote.

Ham elaborated in his Facebook post that culture needs to hear from "Bible believing Christians who stand for the truth," and that such public challenges are aimed at getting people to talk about God.

"Right now the news is focused on politics – we need to get people focused on the real issue – this nation has turned its back on God in so many ways," the Creation Museum founder wrote.

The billboards have been criticized not only by atheists, but also by believers, as found in the comments section of Ham's Facebook post.

"As a Christian I find this campaign counterproductive. The billboards say 'you are wrong' and that is all. It reduces the bible to a single negative statement," wrote one FB user.

"My only thought is that congratulations on proving Atheists correct about 'Christians' being condensing (sic) and self-righteous," he continued. "We are NOT at war with Atheist or Secularists, but instead with sin and hate. No man or woman is the enemy of the Church. This campaign just alienates our secular brothers and sisters and pushes farther from the kingdom."

Ham has often engaged with atheists through social media, including an incident in August where a worker at the zip lines attraction connected to the museum was injured by lightning. The news prompted some non-believers to poke fun at the story, suggesting that the incident was "God's message to Ken Ham."

"Romans 8.22 makes it clear the whole world groans because of our sin. The fact we get sick and die is because of God's judgment on sin! But praise the Lord, God had a plan from eternity to save us from the consequence of our sin – He paid the penalty for our sin and offers us a free gift of salvation (Romans 10:9)," the Creation Museum president responded.

"Violent storms are a reminder we live in a fallen world – and a reminder we are sinners – and a reminder we all need salvation."