AT&T Impulse 4G Smartphone Review

AT&T’s Impulse 4G smartphone is a capable device that impresses in a variety of areas.

Thanks to the PR professionals at Rubenstein Communications, The Christian Post got the chance to put the Impulse 4G through the motions and see if it is worthy of a purchase.

Display, Design & Interface

The Impulse 4G smartphone comes with a 3.8-inch Capacitive WVGA Touchscreen. Its overall display showcases the phone’s visuals with decent textures. However, viewing videos and photos presented some issues. The visuals are not quite as nice when compared to some other smartphones' visual specs.

The design of the smartphone lends itself well to users who prefer smaller models. Its dimensions come in at 120mm x 65mm x 11.6mm. The thickness of the Impulse 4G is instantly noticeable when picked up for the first time. The smartphone also has a lightweight feel to it and it looks very polished.

The smartphone’s interface is similar to other Android smartphone’s that are currently on the market. The device runs on the Android 2.2 operating system, which may be disappointing to those who are used to getting Android 2.3 Gingerbread on some lower end smartphones. The usual five customizable home screens are offered, plus the menu sports the same Android interface of other models. The default multitouch Android keyboard and Swype keyboard provides some familiarity to Android smartphone users, so getting used to the Impulse 4G wasn’t a feat.

Processor and Connectivity

The Impulse 4G features an 800MHz processor, which makes completing tasks at a fast and efficient pace possible. The smartphone’s 4G connectivity also lends itself well to downloading apps, videos, e-mails, etc. at a fast rate. It may not go as fast as smartphones outfitted with 4G LTE speeds, but it still performs well.


The rear-facing 5MP camera does not take very impressive photos and videos. They seem to sport a fuzzy texture, which does not help showcase the smartphone’s good-looking touchscreen display. It is capable of shooting HD videos however, which look way better than the SD videos shot with the smartphone.

Battery Life Span

The Impulse 4G comes with a Lithium Ion Battery. Starting at full battery power, the smartphone is capable of staying alive for about a single day.


AT&T’s Impulse 4G is a viable smartphone for first-time Android users. Its budget price of $29.99 is very welcoming to first time buyers looking to enter the world of Android smartphones. Its features and specifications may not be incredibly amazing or groundbreaking, but it performs quite well nonetheless.