Monday, May 07, 2012
AT&T to Launch Trial Version 'Digital Life' Home Automation System

AT&T to Launch Trial Version 'Digital Life' Home Automation System

AT&T will launch a trial version of "Digital Life," the carrier's home automation and security suite of services this summer.

These services exist under the "AT&T Digital Life" naming umbrella and they will be controlled with iOS mobile devices including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Specific electronic tasks can be performed with the service, including adjustments made to a thermostat, home security, open and closing the garage door, turning lights on and off, and enabling and disabling power outlets.

An iPhone can act as a remote that will replace many of the current devices in a customer's home that they currently use to make adjustments to specific services.

One of the more interesting features of Digital Life is its ability to detect water leaks.

AT&T stated that the system will shut down the homes water supply once a water leak is discovered by it in order to stop water from entering into an area.

AT&T will manage and custom-install the service for its customers and also offer it to non-AT&T customers.

The new software included in Digital Life can be supported on any carrier, according to AT&T.

The carrier will also provide customers with their own 24-hour security center to augment a user's ability to check their home's security from the web-based or smartphone or tablet applications.

AT&T will begin the trials for the service in the summer in both Dallas and Austin, Texas.

This is just one of the many new technologies AT&T is working on.

The Christian Post recently attended an AT&T event where the carrier displayed many new projects including "Got My Stuff," a tracking system developed by the carrier. It allows customers to know where possessions such as their wallets and keys are at all times by simply attaching a small chip to the item.



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