Attack of the Spiritual Zombies!

You have probably noticed the fascination with zombies in American culture today. While zombies are only make-believe, they provide a powerful illustration for the Christian life.

Some people have an "inner zombie," and some people don't. And this might really blow your mind, but the people with the "inner zombie" are the Christians. The people without the "inner zombie" are the unbelievers. Let me explain.

The Bible tells us we are all born with a "sinful nature." It is rooted deep within our soul, and it contains plenty of sinful desires. That is, desires which run contrary to the will of God.

The sinful nature is alive and well within a human being up until a certain point. When a person is converted spiritually through faith in Christ, the sinful nature is "crucified" and it dies. Well, at least for the most part. You see, that nature has a way of always trying to rise back up within the believer. Hence, the "zombie" imagery.