Attending A Wedding? $539 in Expenses, Up 60 Percent From 2012

While it is common knowledge that planning a wedding could rack up a hefty bill, a new study has revealed that even attending a wedding could be pricey.

Heading into the start of wedding season, those planning on attending the event may want to know before they RSVP that even having a role on the sidelines could come with a large price tag. A new study has revealed that the cost of attending a wedding could amount to over $500.

An estimated 2.3 billion couples tie the knot in the U.S. every year. That's over 6,000 weddings a day. According to a new American Express survey, over 69 million people plan on attending one or more weddings this year. But what they may not be planning on is the cost.

The average wedding guest will spend about 59 percent more to attend a wedding this year than last year, a Spending and Tracking Saver report revealed. The costs include: travel, about $167; attire, $161; and the wedding gift- $108.

Attendees are not the only one who will be affected by the costs. Those who are closer to the bride and groom, bridesmaids for example, will have to spend more this year too. An extra $577 will be added to their bill, up from $377 in 2012, the report stated.

To avoid going over budget- the average wedding budget in the U.S. is $20,000 according to Sound Vision- more and more couples are attempting to take on more tasks themselves. Not enough funding to spend on an expensive DJ? At least six percent of couple opted to make their own iPod play list in lieu of hiring a professional. Couples have also taken a do-it-yourself approach to assembling their own guest favors, 24 percent, and creating their own centerpieces, 19 percent. Nothing takes the cake though. At least 55 percent of couples said that the wedding cake was a top priority.

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