Audio Adrenaline Aids Orphans with Exclusive Song

Grammy-winning Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline is offering an exclusive song to fans and supporters to help raise funds for their Haitian orphanage ministry, "The Hands & Feet Project."

The band's never-before-released song is available to download for just $1, with all proceeds going straight to aid the ministry.

The song, titled "Blood Brothers," was recorded in 2005 and intended for their Until My Heart Caves In album, but it was never included.

Regarding the song, frontman Mark Stuart explains, "'Blood Brothers' is a song we wrote and recorded during the Heart Caves In sessions and never used on the record. It is a song about unity and the Body of Christ coming together to reach out to the ones in need. It really is about the heart of what we are doing at The Hands and Feet Project."

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