Audrie Pott Suicide: Family Files Lawsuit, Reveals New Details of Daughter's Attack

Audrie Pott Suicide: Family Files Lawsuit, Reveals New Details of Daughter's Attack

Audrie Pott's parents have revealed new details in the aftermath of their daughter's suicide. The family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the three suspects and their parents for their actions, which they claim led to their daughter's suicide eight months ago.

"We intend to prove in court of law, that their actions … broke her. She couldn't handle it, and she did the worst thing a parent can imagine – she took her life," family attorney Robert Allard told CNN. "These were savage actions and the next seven days broke her. Serious consequences must be attached to this type of behavior," Allard added.

The alleged suspects "digitally penetrated her, and/or penetrated her with a foreign object, and/or sexually assaulted her," the lawsuit stated. Pott was unconscious at the time and woke up to find that she had been drawn on.

"They wrote 'Blank Was Here' on her leg. They marked her," Allard told the Associated Press.

Pott later discovered that photos had been taken and circulated among her classmates. It was horribly embarrassing for the teen, who then attempted to confront her alleged attackers.

"I have a reputation for a night I don't even remember and the whole school knows," she wrote in a Facebook message.

"I cried when I found out what they did," Pott wrote in a different message.

"Audrie made her feelings clear in the messages we were left to find. The three people who were arrested are responsible for her death," Lisa Pott, Audrie's stepmother said in an emotional press conference.

"Sexual assault is an adult crime," Audrie's mother, Sheila, added. "These boys used social media to further humiliate and bully my daughter. If it can happen to my daughter, it can happen to anyone. These boys weren't strangers to Audrie; they were her friends. They calculated their assault."

"Much of what has been reported over the last several days is inaccurate," a statement from the three suspects' lawyers states. "Most disturbing is the attempt to link (Audrie's) suicide to the specific actions of these three boys. We are hopeful that everyone understands that these boys, none of whom have ever been in trouble with the law, are to be regarded as innocent."


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