Austin-Healey Sprite Bought By 14-Month-Old on eBay With Dad's Smartphone

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An Austin-Healey Sprite has been purchased by a 14 month old toddler on eBay after the young girl managed to log onto her father's eBay account while playing with his smartphone.

Sorella Stoute is still many years away from getting her driver's license but she has already managed to buy her first car – a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite.

Toddlers are known for picking up new technology quickly, but even Sorella's parents must have been shocked to realize that their young daughter had managed to swipe through numerous screens and get into her dad's eBay account.

She seemingly managed to click through a number of pages, choosing the auction for the classic car, before placing a successful bid on the Austin-Healey Sprite.

Her parents did not even realize that Sorella had done anything, and it wasn't until Paul, her father, received an email confirmation of his successful "bid" that he realized what must have happened.

Paul was slightly relieved when he saw that the car was purchased for just $225, and that it wasn't something a lot more costly.

Paul said: "Tap, tap, tap and now I own a car … Fortunately, she didn't buy the $38,000 Porsche."

He has in fact decided to keep the car, and will now look to restore the vintage vehicle. He has indicated that if things go well then Sorella would get the car back as a 16th birthday present as her first car.

Meanwhile, Sorella's mother, Christina, said that they have a lot of work to get the car in reasonable condition. It was listed "as is" with the seller calling it "Frankensprite."

Christina said: "It comes with two engines … They're both in the back seat."