Australia Sees Third Shark Attack

A snorkeling tour guide in Australia was attacked by a shark in Australia marking the third attack on a human this month.

The Australian guide is recovering in a local hospital after reportedly being attacked by a tiger shark in what is Australia's second attack in as many days and third so far this year.

The 26-year-old man was leading a snorkeling tour in a lagoon in Western Australia's Coral Bay when the 10 foot shark struck and bit into his arm leaving him with severe wounds.

Royal Flying Doctor Service spokeswoman Joanne Hill said a doctor was assessing him, but his injuries were not life threatening and he was resting in a stable condition, and was scheduled to be transported to a facility in Perth for further treatment, according to Sky News.

Tiger sharks happen to be one of the most aggressive shark species and have been responsible for deaths in the past.

The attack comes just one day after tattoo artist Glen Folkard, 44, was surfing just off shore near Redhead Beach when a seven foot shark, reportedly a bull shark, attacked him while he was surrounded by dozens of shocked swimmers.

Witnesses stated that they saw the shark take a chunk out of Folkard's thigh as well as his board before taking him under the water.

He luckily was able to get free from the shark and with the aid of fellow surfers paddled back to shore. He was then taken to a local hospital where he is reportedly in stable condition after surgery.

Even though Redhead Beach is "netted," lifeguards have not confirmed whether there were shark nets in the water at the time of the attack, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

On January 3 another surfer was bitten on the arm by a shark off North Avoca beach which is also on the east coast of Australia.

Fatal attacks are rare in Australia, with just 27 people killed in the past 22 years.