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Author Publishes 10 Books in 2 Years: 'Always Have Faith,' Says Joe Capriccioso

Author Publishes 10 Books in 2 Years: 'Always Have Faith,' Says Joe Capriccioso

New York City author Joseph J. Capriccioso accomplished a rare feat by publishing 10 books in a little over two years' time.

His latest work, "Promised Dream," restarts his inspirational poetry series he began in May of 2010 with another book titled "Sorrow of Separation," which chronicles the ups and downs of romantic relationships and the pains of separation. The previous nine books touched on the subject of divorce and what Capriccioso says is the story of a man who lost everything. It's shown in different time periods and details how he overcomes life's hardships.

"The first book shows his 'Sorrow of Separation' and with the 9th book he came full circle as he got out of his depression and made something from nothing," said Capriccioso to The Christian Post. "A new unexpected romance is about to begin at the end of nine years time. I decided to continue that journey and show what happens when [the character reaches a new] horizon."

The reader embarks on this new adventure in "Promised Dream," where the man who once struggled with a harsh separation from his significant other finds new love and experiences new beginnings. That promise is first previewed in another book titled "Tomorrow's Song."

"If you read the series you know that 'Tomorrow's Song' was the first book to touch on this happiness," he said. "So I made 'Tomorrow's Song' into its own series and 'Promised Dream' was born."

Capriccioso aims to help other people struggling with these types of issues with his writing, and encourages them to keep their faith.

"I made the books to motivate and inspire others out of the darkness of depression and struggles of life," he said. "I show the good and evil in the books and how we need to always have faith and push ourselves to become more than we were."

Capriccioso is a practicing Catholic who at one time gave up on God after enduring various hardships. A near-death incident changed his outlook and brought him back to the faith.

While crossing the street one day, a car speeding in the wrong direction on a one-way almost hit him, but miraculously was able to stop as soon as it touched him. He believes God intervened on his behalf and saved him from what could have been a horrible death.

"I truly felt it was divine intervention," said Capriccioso. "God always makes time for all of us. While I gave up on God, he never gave up on me. My faith was restored and I fought with all I had left for my father's rights to see my kids."

His aspirations expand beyond just inspirational poetry, as he also plans to release a science fiction novel in the near future. This work of fiction will also have a positive and inspirational theme as the main character will overcome incredible odds in the story. Capriccioso's passion for science fiction also lead him to start a YouTube channel that he uses to promote his work.

At 39 years old, Capriccioso shows no signs of slowing up as he is now working on the follow up to "Promised Dream," which should be released later this year. Publishing 10 books in a little over two years is just the tip of the iceberg for him, as he hopes to continue to help people with his writing for as long as he can.

"I hope that the books can give people another option," he said. "That option is that while you still breathe you can achieve. Like I say in my books: If you measure yourself to what you can actually accomplish, there is no limit to what you can do. I published 10 books in a little over 2 years and I'm far from done."

To read more about Capriccioso's latest book "Promised Dream" click here, and to visit his YouTube page, click here.


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