Authorities Allow Defamation of Christianity, Says Egyptian Lawyer

One of the lawyers who submitted complaints against Abu Islam for religious defamation said the Egyptian judiciary is not serious in dealing with cases regarding contempt of Christianity.

Lawyer Guirguis Bebawi noted that 'Sheikh' Abu Islam has not been imprisoned during his investigations, as is law, instead his supporters besieged the High Judicial Council when the prosecutor decided to imprison him for four days pending investigations.

Bebawi added that the court postponed the lawsuit numerous times, including once again on Monday, and have yet to take any serious steps on the issue. He said this is contrary to the active and speedy approach by the court to religious defamation cases against Islam.

Bebawi explained that a number of lawyers submitted a complaint against Abu Islam for his public burning of the Bible during the protests outside of the U.S. Embassy last September against the anti-Islam film 'The Innocence of Muslims.' Abu Islam also said on his channel, Al-Ummah, that Christians worship "a penis."

Bebawi highlighted the double standard in cases such as these, given Abu Islam was not imprisoned while authorities quickly imprison and sentence Christians who are accused of insulting Islam.

"The Investigation Authority of the Nasr City Police Department refused to conduct investigations into attacks committed by Abu Islam's supporters in front of the High Judicial Council," Bebawi told Mideast Christian News.

He added that, according to the law, Abu Islam should be facing about a month's imprisonment for these complaints.