Autumn Pasquale, 12, Disappears From NJ Home; FBI Joins 40 Agencies in Search

Autumn Pasquale, 12, was last seen riding her bike down the driveway of her home in Clayton, New Jersey Saturday. Authorities from nearly 40 various organizations are helping with the search, and most recently, the FBI has also joined the search for the young girl.

"It's not like her," her father Tony told NBC. "She would have been home 11 o'clock this morning if she slept over at a friend's house."

Autumn was supposed to be riding her white Odyssey BMX bike to a friend's house but never arrived. Her parents immediately called police upon learning of their daughter's disappearance, and her community also sprung into action. According to NBC Philadelphia, "hundreds of neighborhood volunteers met at a nearby church and passed around fliers Sunday night."

Search and rescue dogs were have been brought in to search the woods near the Pasquales' home. Volunteers were warned to stay out of the area so as not to muddle any scents the dogs may pick up.

"People have been out searching all day everywhere," Michelle Connell noted. "All over town, every little park, railroad parks, and school buildings. Every place we can think of. She's a good kid. She's a sweet girl; everyone is upset."

Police have not officially labeled Autumn's disappearance as suspicious or said they suspect foul play, but anytime a minor is involved, the police must investigate. There's been no word as to why the FBI would get involved in this particular case, though.

The news comes at a fairly unsettling time, with the body of Whitney Heichel found on Friday after a short disappearance. Hopefully things will be different and Autumn will be found alive and well, like the four teens who decided to run away from home last week.

Autumn was last seen wearing navy blue shorts under navy blue sweatpants, a yellow t-shirt with the words "Clayton Soccer" on the front, bright blue high-top sneakers and a silver or light grey backpack with the word "Reckless" printed on it.

"Everyone's working together to try and find her," Tony said. "We love her and we want her to come home."

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Clayton Police Department at 856-881-2300.