Blind Christian Artist Finds Wisdom in Tragedy

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina, three-time Dove Award winning artist Ginny Owens began to write the lead single for her upcoming album, Get In. I’m Driving. She never imagined that it would take her five years’ worth of tragedy, both globally and personally, to complete it.

Losing her eye-sight at the age of three due to a degenerative eye condition, Owens is no stranger to suffering. As a result, many of her songs carry the theme of inspiration intertwined with faith.

Her newest single, “Before You Fly,” also fits this theme of overcoming life’s challenges, but this song did not come easily to her.

“...I was grappling with my own inner hurricane. I often wondered if I’d actually make it through the tumultuous time, and if I did, would I have words of hope to offer,” said Owens.

Although she says the answers did not come quickly, she did find encouraging words and wisdom which helped birth “Before You Fly.”

“For me it just really learning that every day I would just have to seek Him (God). It was almost like, instead of just saying, ‘I’m gonna seek God in tragedy every day,’ I just had to do it to learn what it felt like to really trust Him.”

In writing “Before You Fly,” Owens hopes to communicate the message that continually seeking God in tragic times helps to grow one’s wisdom in God and helps one to come out stronger because of God’s constant presence and unconditional love even in tragedy.