Baby Ayla Case: Blood Found Belongs to Missing Toddler

Blood found in the basement of baby Ayla's home is that of the missing toddler.

Crime Scene Investigators found the blood using chemicals and stated that it was an amount "more than a small cut would produce." The blood was found in the basement of Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, who has maintained his innocence throughout the investigation.

Police spokesman Steve McCausland told reporters, "We have questioned the three adults that were there in the home that night. We believe they have not given us the full story."

DiPietro was at home with his mother and a family friend the night he put Ayla to bed. When he awoke the next morning, the toddler was gone.

A website run by the family states, "Even in light of this evidence, we are more determined than ever to find out what has happened to Ayla. We still cling to the hope that she is alive and will be returned to us. We urge anyone that has information about Ayla to come forward now and unburden yourself."

Ayla's mother, Trista Reynolds, has told authorities and the press that she believes DiPietro is responsible for Ayla's disappearance. He had custody of the child while Trista was in a rehabilitation center, but Trista filed papers for sole custody the day before she disappeared.

Trista's father has spoken out and told reporters, "They haven't given the full story, but this family has gone through so much pain, so much hurt. We're going into two months now and don't know anything."

Ayla Reynolds was declared missing on Dec. 17, 2011. After performing a thorough search, police told the press on Dec. 30, "We believe that foul play has occurred in connection with Ayla's disappearance. This case has evolved from the search for a missing child to a criminal investigation."

Both parents have been given polygraph tests, though authorities refused to release the results. Ayla's mother failed to complete her polygraph test, citing medical problems. She has announced plans for a retest if necessary.