Baby Ayla Case: Violence in Family, Divers Called In

Baby Ayla has been missing for nearly two months, and new reports show that there is a great deal of violence within the family.

Reports filed by the Waterville Police Department show that baby Ayla Reynolds' uncle, Lance DiPietro, has been charged with assault after attacking the father of his sister Elisa DiPietro's baby. Lance DiPietro allegedly kicked Justin Linnell in the face and confronted him with a bat.

When asked why he attacked Linnell, DiPietro told police that he had been "saying stuff about my family." Investigators say that Linnell had just left a courthouse after seeking to move up a custody hearing over his daughter with Elisa DiPietro, Gabriella.

Gabriella, who is Ayla's cousin, also lives in the same home where Ayla disappeared. Her parents are under suspicion from police, who have publicly stated that they do not believe Justin and Elisa DiPietro are telling the truth about the events of Dec. 16.

The DiPietro family has been under much scrutiny and has responded by posting a "No Trespassing" sign on a tree out front of the house. They have also summoned police to their house twice: once after windows were smashed from the outside, and once when a bright light was shone through their window. Police responded and have increased patrols in the area.

Police Deputy Chief Charles Rumsey told reporters, "We increase patrols whenever we have any kind of incident like that." He added that the fight between Linnell and DiPietro didn't involve Ayla.

On Feb. 3, dive teams were called back in to search the Kennebec River and Messalonskee Stream. The teams last searched the waters on Jan. 27 with no results. Police are not saying why the teams are resuming their search now.

The toddler was last seen on Dec. 16 while being put to bed by her father, Justin DiPietro. Her mother, Trista, has maintained that Justin knows what happened to the little girl, and police have stated that they do not believe DiPietro has revealed all he knows. Over $30,000 in reward money has been offered for information leading to Ayla's return.