Baby Busters??

 The Baby Bust is here and millennials are in the spotlight again. It appears that everyone is obsessed with whether or not twenty-somethings are interested in procreating, from The New York Times Motherlode to The Wall Street Journal, the topic of discussion is millennial parenting-or the lack there-of.

Take this from a twenty-something parent: the once-normal and banal move into parenting is now fraught with questions of timing, maturity, choice, and whether parenting will contribute to the elusive gain of that sought-after ideal: happiness.

Even secular sources are concerned that "happiness" has become the idol of the masses, and one of the causes of the decline in Americans' desire to have children. The Wall Street article on America's Baby Bust argues that happiness is the American equivalent of "the lodestar of a life well-lived." The article cautions that, in regards to the trend of having fewer children, "If we're going to reverse this decline, we'll need to reintroduce into American culture the notion that human flourishing ranges wider and deeper than calculations of mere happiness."