Baby Einstein Recall: Jumper Could Cause Skull Fracture

Baby Einstein has issued a recall on one of its baby jumpers, warning parents that the sun attachment toy on the jumper could pose a possible hazard.

Baby Einstein is a popular company for parents with children, with its focus being on kids aged 3 months to three years. It is owned by the Walt Disney Company and has a positive reputation for producing quality toys and media.

It now appears however that one of the company's popular products could be hazardous to young children. Over 400,000 "Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumpers" have been recalled by the Baby Einstein company, who issued the following statement:

"The 'sun' toy attachment on the activity jumper can rebound with force and injure the infant. Injuries have included bruises, lacerations to the face, a lineal skull fracture on a 7-month-old and a chipped tooth to an adult," they said in a statement.

The recall was made after more than 100 complaints were filed against the jumper. Customers have been advised to stop use of the product immediately.

"The firm has received 100 reports of incidents including 61 injuries. Reported injuries include bruises, lacerations to the face, a 7-month-old boy who sustained a lineal skull fracture and a chipped tooth to an adult," the recall report read.

Recalls include any of the above jumpers that were purchased between May 2010 and May 2013. The model number for these devices has been listed as 90564. The tag denoting the model number can be found attached to the bottom of the seat according to the manufacturer. The toys were sold at major retailers the include Target, Amazon, and Toys R' Us. An additional 85,000 units were recalled in Canada.

Information regarding the toy recall was not made readily available on the Baby Einstein site as of Tuesday afternoon. Information regarding the report however can be found at the site for Consumer Product Safety Commission.