Baby Elephant in Pool: Video Goes Viral as Adorable Baby Elephant Plays With Water at Fort Worth Zoo (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A video of a baby elephant in a pool at Fort Worth Zoo has gone viral on the Internet this week, with viewers obsessed by the adorable baby elephant.

(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)Baby elephant, Belle, plays in a pool at Forth Worth Zoo.

According to reports, park officials where the elephant is kept, added the inflatable pool for Belle, the baby elephant, on July 30 so she can cool off when she likes, as well as just splash and play with the water. The new baby elephant is already proving to be a hit for the children visiting the zoo, drawing large crowds throughout the day.

Belle is a wild Asian elephant and was born July 7 weighing over 300 pounds. She is only the second Asian elephant born at the Fort Worth Zoo in 104 years.

Barely a month old, Belle can be seen stumbling and slipping into the pool while her mother, Rasha, stands by and helps. At one point, Belle splashes all the water out of the pool, and park officials have to fill it up again with a hose.

The newborn pachyderm is growing fast and has been gaining a few pounds every day. She is said to be healthy and learning from her mother well.

Fort Worth Zoo spokeswoman Katie Giangreco told "The Asian elephant exhibit has a 3,200-gallon pool that the adult elephants often utilize, so keepers provided Belle with a safer, smaller-sized pool for her to play in.

"Belle is full of personality and is learning and discovering new things every day, such as using her trunk to push, pull and lift objects (the sand in her exhibit area, hay, the pool, etc.) Giangreco added that they have larger inflatable pools to use as she gets bigger.

Visitors' excitement at seeing Belle splashing around and playing in the pool can be heard in the video.

Here is a video showing the baby elephant: