Baby Flung from Car Miraculously Survives, Truck Misses Child by Inches (VIDEO)

A baby girl is lucky to be alive after being ejected from the car she was traveling after it collided with an oncoming truck on a 2-lane road in Russia.

Reports out of Russia indicate the 1-year-old girl was not secured in a car seat and was thrown from the vehicle upon impact, landing in the path of oncoming traffic on a narrow road outside of Moscow.

A video of the incident was captured from a dashboard camera from a car following right behind the vehicle. An oncoming truck was able to miss striking the child by inches; the driver slowed down before what could have been a fatal collision.

The video also shows the driver of the SUV jump out of his vehicle and rush over to pick up the child, who was then taken to a nearby hospital. Her injuries were reported to be lacerations to her head and face, as well as a concussion.

Another person can be seen exiting the vehicle moments after the crash and can be seen picking up items, including a blanket, from the road as traffic slowly passes the disabled vehicle.

The driver, Dmitry Aliev, lost control of his Mitsubishi SUV as he was trying to overtake the vehicle he was following. As he proceeded to re-enter the right lane, he lost control of the SUV and it proceeded to drift into oncoming traffic before hitting an oncoming truck, according to The Daily Telegraph.

According to Russian news reports, police had placed the cause of the accident with Aliev. They claimed the reason the child was ejected from the vehicle was due to the makeshift seat for the child- a shelf that was located under the back windshield. Upon impact to the rear of the SUV, the child was promptly thrown from the car.