Baby Lisa Irwin Found? Why the World Searches for Answers in Missing Baby Case (VIDEO)

The need for closure has spurred an intense interest in the Lisa Irwin case, which has made the name of the now 1-year-old Kansas City, MO, girl, one of the most frequently searched terms on the internet.

 Lisa Irwin Found? Psychologist Explains Why the World Searches for Answers in Missing Baby's Case

Dr. David Solly, a human behavior expert, told The Christian Post:

"People will go to extremes for closure."

Solly, who attributes the anonymity and feeling of safety that an online environment like a search engine provides as a possible reason for why people searching for baby Lisa will go to greater lengths, using words or comments that they might not use in other situations.

Type "Baby Lisa" into a Google's search bar and the suggested search terms that pop up are "baby Lisa found" and "baby Lisa found dead." The third-most searched phrase surrounding the status of the Missouri case is "baby Lisa found yet."

Following the highly-searched phrase "baby Lisa found" are phrases that suggest people are searching invented conclusions about the little girl's fate, such as "baby Lisa found in a ditch," "baby Lisa found in a well" and "baby Lisa found in backyard."

Solly, a psychology professor at University of the Rockies told CP, "You see a lot of that with eyewitness accounts of accidents or crimes. Their mind fills in all the details because of that crave for closure."

"People will go to extremes for closure."

The full report by Gina Ryder can be seen by clicking HERE.