Baby Lisa Irwin: Lawyer Says Missing Girl's Family Is Cooperating (VIDEO)

Neighbor Points to 'Shady' Handyman in Neighborhood

It has been five weeks since 11-month old Kansas City, Mo., baby Lisa Irwin went missing from her home while her parents were admittedly drunk in another room.

 Baby Lisa Irwin: Lawyer for Family Says they are Cooperating

Speaking out Monday, a neighbor of baby Lisa’s parents, Mary Hurt, spoke to CNN’s Nancy Grace, about a man known only as "Jersey," whom she described as "shady."

"Our neighbor told us that the night that baby went missing, the man who was seen coming up the street came and went on our property and through our next door neighbor’s gate," Hurt told Grace, in reference to "Jersey," a handyman in the Irwin's residential neighborhood.

Police have not confirmed "Jersey" as a suspect. The handyman is currently behind bars for an unrelated burglary charge.

The case has taken a series of abrupt turns in the past week. Kansas City-based lawyer Cyndy Short bowed out of the case Friday.

In a press conference held Monday, Short announced that she and New York lawyer Joe Tacopina, also representing Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, could not work together as a team, and she quit vowing to continue looking for the missing child..

After running down thousands of leads, searching for weeks on end, surveillance video and hundreds of interviews, police are seemingly no closer to finding the whereabouts of the missing child.

The attorney for baby Lisa Irwin's parents said on Monday that his clients are fully cooperating in the search for their missing 11-month-old daughter and the public fails to realize it.