Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Attorney for Baby Lisa's Parents Insists Mo. Couple Is Innocent

In a press conference Monday, Cyndy Short, the Kansas City attorney who was forced off the Lisa Irwin case, said that her clients are innocent of any wrong doing in their baby daughter's disappearance.

"Because I believe so strongly in their innocence we will continue to work for them," Short said.

Her statement for the first time indicated that the defense team viewed Bradley and Irwin as potential suspects in the case.

Short also said that she joined the team to find baby Lisa and to make sure that the parents were not wrongly accused.

"Our team in 12 days has logged over 700 hours of volunteer time to try to find Lisa and to protect Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin from being wrongfully accused," Short said.

According to Bradley, she last saw the 11-month-old Kansas City girl when she placed her in bed during the evening hours of Oct. 3. It is reported that the child’s father, Irwin, realized that his daughter was missing when he returned from work around 4:00 a.m. on Oct. 4.

It was on Oct. 25 that defense attorney Joe Tacopena told ABC's "Good Morning America" that soon after the 11-month-old girl was missing, the police accused Bradley of murder:

"The mother who is missing her 10-month-old baby, within an hour, sitting on the floor trembling, as her husband called 9-1-1. Within an hour of that the police are interviewing her, accusing her of murder. That's just not good investigatory tactics and it doesn't build good faith in them."

Based upon previous statements by the defense team and by Short’s statements Monday, it appears that the defense team believed that baby Lisa's parents might be charged in the case.

Speaking on behalf of the local community, the attorney decided to offer a note of prayer.

"Our community of Kansas City is praying we have a happy ending," Short said.