Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Attorneys Say Police View Parents as Suspects (VIDEO)

As parents of now one-year-old Lisa Irwin mark their daughter’s birthday, their legal team held a news conference Friday telling reporters that police view the parents of the missing Kansas City MO girl as suspects, and denied reports that their clients have not cooperated in the investigation.

 Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Attorneys for the Parents of Lisa Irwin Claim Police View Clients as Suspects

“This bit about no cooperation is just fantasy,” said Kansas City based attorney, John Picerno.

According to Picerno, the parents met on Oct.4, 6, and 8, for multiple hours of questioning on each occasion.

Picerno claimed that during the last interview on Oct. 8, the questioning turned “nasty.”

Picerno indicated unwillingness to subject the parents to more questioning by investigators, stating:

“They can fax me, email Joe or myself any question they may have, and we’ll answer it, but what we’re not going to do is let our clients be subjected to interrogation techniques.”

Picerno suggested this latest news will make reporters mad and stated, “We’re not here to make you guys happy, we’re here to help them find Lisa.”

The young step brothers of Lisa Irwin were interviewed for the case on Thursday, after an earlier scheduled meeting had been canceled by parents’ attorneys.

Reportedly, the interviews were conducted by a forensic interviewer with experience and training in interviewing children. The interviewer wore an earpiece, where investigators who had been eavesdropping could suggest areas that would require expanding by the boys who are under the age of 10.