Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Did Parents Stop Cooperating?

Despite the attorneys for baby Lisa's parents insisting they are accompanying the investigation, authorities have said the family is still not cooperating.

KMBC's Live Baby Lisa Update website read on late Thursday: "Kansas City police said they are not actively searching for 11-month-old Lisa Irwin. Police also said the parents still are not cooperating in the investigation."

Police confirmed Friday that they are still actively searching for Lisa but did not comment on the parents role in the investigation.

On Monday, family attorney Joe Tacopina said the family will continue to cooperate with authorities and that they have been compliant from the beginning of the investigation.

Last week, the family's legal team cancelled interviews between Lisa's brothers and authorities to shield the family from the media.

The boys, ages 8 and 5, are the half brothers of baby Lisa. They were supposed to give authorities DNA samples and they were interviewed shortly after the disappearance of their sister.

Tacopina was asked on ABC's "Good Morning America" Monday whether the interviews with the boys would be rescheduled.

"Absolutely. There was never an issue. Some of the logistics were an issue. I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of things that have been reported about cancellations of meetings and such. It’s been wildly inaccurate, a lot of this stuff," said Tacopina.

However, Friday marks one month since baby Lisa has disappeared and the interviews still have not been rescheduled.

Some believe the interviews could be important if the boys saw or heard something the night their sister went missing.

Those who believe the interviews with the boys are significant cite the 2002 Elizabeth Smart abduction case. Smart was found after her 9-year-old sister recognized the kidnappers voice six months after her abduction.

Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, admitted falling asleep drunk the night Lisa vanished. Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, worked an unusual night shift and did not return home until 4 a.m. He noticed his daughter was not in her crib and called the authorities.

Police have searched her entire home, surrounding areas and even a lake in an attempt to find Lisa.