Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Key Witness Threatened to Kill Ex-Girlfriend

The witness police wanted to talk to for over a week came forward and confirmed he had the cellphone that received a mysterious call on the night Lisa went missing.

The call was made from the cellphone of Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, on the night Lisa disappeared from her Missouri home. The cellphone was thought to be stolen along with Lisa.

Police will not identify the man's full name, as he has not been named a suspect, but reports indicate that his first name is “Dane.”

Dane was away on a hunting trip and came back Wednesday night. He claims to have been in contact with the police.

“I used Megan’s cellphone to have my phone turned on and some rides lined up for the next days of moving into my new place,” said Dane to NBC Action News.

Dane also said he had nothing to do with Lisa's disappearance.

“The truth will rise to the top...I have no connection with Megan Wright or the missing child," he said.

In September, Dane's ex-girlfriend accused him of threatening to kill her in a restraining order.

“Every day I have been scared and terrified to go home at night...he says he has nothing to lose and he’ll be satisfied once I’m dead,” said the woman in a written court statement.

Megan Wright lived in the same house as Dane before he left and is the actual owner of the cellphone that received the call. She claims to have shared the cellphone with seven other people. She also said Dane had her cellphone on both Oct. 3 and Oct. 4. Nobody else could use the cellphone because he was getting too many text messages and phone calls, according to Wright.

Wright is the ex-girlfriend of neighborhood repairperson John Tanko, who was questioned by police earlier in the investigation. Tanko has a history of break-ins in the area but police have cleared him from any involvement.

Bradley admitted falling asleep drunk the night Lisa vanished. Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, worked an unusual night shift and did not return home until 4 a.m. He noticed his daughter was not in her crib and called the authorities.

Lisa went missing on Oct. 4 and turned 1-years-old on Nov.11.