Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Lawyer Says 'Something's Not Right'

Family Lawyer Vikki Ziegler Says Parents Should Cooperate With Police

Parents of missing baby Lisa Irwin, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, refuse to allow police separate interviews, sparking public suspicion concerning their innocence.

“Because [Deborah Bradley] is refusing to have a separate interview with police, Because she's not doing that and acting so bizarre, you want to kind of point the finger at her and say 'Something's not right,'” said New York Family Lawyer Vikki Ziegler to Hollywood Life.

Bradley's fiancé and Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, was out on a late call doing electrical work for a local Starbucks when his daughter disappeared during the early morning hours of Oct. 4. When he returned from work roughly around 4 a.m., he reported several lights on, the front door unlocked, three missing cell phones and a tampered screen window.

Upon checking his daughter’s crib, Irwin realized Lisa was missing.

Lisa’s parents told authorities their daughter was snatched from her crib in Kansas City on Oct. 4.

Although officials contend the couple complied with authorities’ requests, public suspicion circulated when Bradley switched the time she last saw her infant. Originally claiming she put her child down at 10:30 p.m., Bradley then changed her story to say 6:40 p.m.

More concern arose when Bradley told NBC news she had been drinking heavily on the evening of her child’s disappearance. Bradley said she had “enough to be drunk.”

“If you drink and pass out, it's not a crime,” Ziegler told Hollywood Life.

Bradley said she fears being arrested for her baby’s disappearance, because “if they arrest me, people are going to stop looking for her.”

On Monday, Fox News reported police still wish to conduct separate interviews with the parents.

 "There's a whole list of things that they may know," said Kansas City police Capt. Steve Young to

Ziegler told Hollywood Live she finds Bradley’s behavior to be suspicious.

“If you haven't done anything to your harm you child, so to me that's why it's so strange how come they're not talking more than they should to the police,” Ziegler said.

After multiple cancellations, police expect to re-interview the two stepbrothers of Lisa sometime this week, according to Fox News.

When originally interviewed on Oct.4, the two stepbrothers told a child specialist they had heard a noise the night their sister was reported missing.

Investigators requested a re-interview of the two boys, ages 5 and 8, and said the stress of recent events did not allow for a proper interview on Oct. 4.

Kansas City police officer Darin Snapp told he wanted to re-interview the brothers to see “if they remember anything that might be able to help find their younger sister.”

DNA samples will also be taken from the boys’ cheeks to compare with the DNA found in the house.

Cadaver dogs detected the scent of a corpse in the parents’ bedroom, although no corpse was discovered. Police have removed the carpeting for further investigation.

Police said potential suspects, including “Jersey” the repairperson, have cooperated with authorities.

Neighbor Mary Hurt reported seeing “Jersey” near the Bradley home on the night of Lisa’s disappearance. Hurt told CNN’s Nancy Grace she thought Jersey was “shady.”

On Monday, Fox News reported that police plan to throw out old leads in the case, which entered its one-month mark on Nov. 4.