Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Lisa's Parents Described as 'Zombies' by Father of Missing Boy

The father of a boy who went missing 25 years ago and was never found has shared he visited the family of Baby Lisa to comfort them – but was shocked by what he discovered.

Gil Abetya’s story mirrors the trials of Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin closely. His son, Christopher, was taken from his crib a quarter of a century ago, and no one ever figured out what happened to him, reported The Examiner.

Since then, Abetya has traveled around the country meeting and comforting many parents who have lost children and are suffering something only someone who has gone through can understand. Despite the many people he has met and the stories he has heard, Abetya was shocked by the reception he got by the parents of Lisa – describing them as “zombies.”

Upon arriving in Kansas City and heading over to the Irwin household to introduce himself, he was greeted by Mike LeRette, Deborah Bradley’s cousin and one of the lawyers on the case, who told Abetya they were not permitted to talk to anyone.

Although Abetya explained who he is and persuaded the family to let him in and talk with him, he said their meeting only lasted half an hour, with Bradley cleaning the house and acting like “he was not even there,” while Abetya tried getting answers out of Irwin.

He questioned why the family had employed the services of a suspicious private investigator, and why they were not providing more answers – including allowing a lawyer to block their two young sons from giving another statement to police.

Despite his attempts to get them to talk, Abetya received little cooperation from the young couple, and said the family appeared too influenced by their attorneys, and that LeRette did most of the actual talking.

Abetya said he felt “tension, pressure, and sadness filled every square inch of the home,” and although he could understand the trauma the young family is going through, he could not explain why they have jeopardized the search for the missing baby Lisa by shutting themselves down and consulting solely with their attorneys.