Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Mystery Surrounding Phone Call on Night of Disappearance Revealed? (VIDEO)

The identity of the person who received a phone call from mother Deborah Bradley’s cell phone the night baby Lisa Irwin went missing may have finally been revealed.

 Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Recipient of Mother’s Cell Phone Call Revealed?

A man, who at one time lived with Megan Wright, the owner of the cell phone, who claimed not to have had possession of the device on Oct. 4, when a 50-second call came through from Bradley’s phone, has told investigators that a person called "Dane" had been utilizing Wright’s phone.

The phone call has become an important puzzle in the case, since the call was made somewhere between 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 3 and 2:30 a.m. on Oct 4. when little Lisa was reported missing.

Wright had claimed to not have had possession of her own cell phone due to the fact that her phone was frequently being used by housemates. According to Wright, it was “Community Property.”

The former roommate, who had spoken to the media in the past, on condition of anonymity, had previously indicated that he lived with Wright and other adults, as well as Dane, who might have had the phone that night. Reportedly, investigators have already questioned Dane.