Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Neighbor Given Polygraph

The neighbor of missing baby Lisa Irwin said he has met with authorities multiple times and passed a polygraph test they administered to him.

The spouse of Samantha Brando was interviewed by CNN on Wednesday. He is a close friend with baby Lisa's mother, Deborah Bradley, and was with Bradley the evening of Oct. 3 drinking and smoking cigarettes.

A representative for the Kansas City Police said that the neighbor has been cleared of any part in the vanishing of Lisa.

The representative also said the police have "moved on from him," according to CNN.

Police gave Brando's husband so much attention because he just moved out of the home on Oct. 3. The couple was having marital problems, according to CNN.

Brando stayed at a friend's home at about 5 p.m. on Oct. 3. Brando told CNN that he woke up for work at 5 a.m. the next day at Whiteman Air force Base. He was notified about Lisa's disappearance around an hour later. Brando said he finished his work shift and went back to Kansas City to help the search for Lisa.

The man has cooperated with authorities, allowing his home to be searched and taking a polygraph test.

On Tuesday, police arrived at the home in North Walrond, where Lisa's parents had been staying until Friday night. They left with Walrond, Lisa’s uncle, for a meeting that lasted about two hours.

Lisa went missing on Oct. 4, and her mother admitted falling asleep drunk on the night her daughter went missing.

Jeremy Irwin worked a night shift and did not return home until around 4 a.m. and noticed Lisa was not in her crib. He then called the authorities.

Police have searched her entire home, surrounding areas and even a lake in an attempt to track her down.

No suspects have been identified, and police are still approaching her disappearance as a missing person's case and not a murder case.