Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Parents Refuse to be Interviewed

Despite being urged by authorities, attorneys for missing baby Lisa Irwin's parents said on Friday that their clients will not go through individual interviews with the police.

John Picerno said Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, already spoke to police multiple times regarding Lisa's disappearance for more than 30 hours.

The relationship between authorities and Lisa's parents has been strained throughout the investigation.

“This idea that they are not cooperating is just fantasy,” said Picerno in a news conference. “There’s nothing more to be said.”

Picerno said he wants to protect his clients.

“We’re not going to allow them to be subjected to interrogation techniques,” he added.

Baby Lisa's brothers were interviewed Thursday by the FBI and a child specialist. An FBI agent, who observed the interview, said they "went well" but no new developments came of the interview.

Police said on Thursday that a full investigation is still being conducted.

"We are not doing any physical field searching just to do it," said Kansas City Police Capt. Steve Young to the Associated Press. "If we have another idea, thought or piece of information on where to do that, we will do it before you can blink. But we aren't going to do it just to do it. We're not going to close our eyes and start throwing darts."

Authorities searched the neighborhood, nearby woods and landfills for Lisa. These searches ended about two weeks ago, according to the Associated Press.

Bradley admitted falling asleep drunk the night Lisa vanished. Irwin worked an unusual night shift and did not return home until 4 a.m. He noticed his daughter was not in her crib and called the authorities.

Lisa went missing from her Missouri home on Oct. 4. She turned 1-year-old today.