Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Source Offers Details on Case (VIDEO)

Clearer Picture Develops

Details from a new source about the night 11-month old baby Lisa went missing 4 weeks ago are helping to clarify a murky picture about what happened that night.

 Baby Lisa Irwin Missing: Source Offers Details on Case

Termed as, "unidentified," a source close to the Irwin family says that baby Lisa's father, Jeremy Irwin, had taken on extra work at a local Starbucks to help make ends meet.

That evening was different, however. Irwin stayed at his Starbucks job till 3:45 a.m.

While at work, Irwin's wife Deborah Bradley, baby Lisa's mother, put the infant in her crib at 6:40 p.m., spending the remainder of the night drinking possibly up to 10 glasses of wine on her front stoop with neighbor Samantha Brando.

Bradley reportedly passed out with the lights on at 10:30 p.m. and when Irwin came home from work he tried to close an open window in the family computer room. Irwin realized something was wrong when the window appeared to be broken.

Irwin immediately ran to his bedroom and eventually to check on baby Lisa in her bedroom, it has been reported. Once Lisa’s father found the baby missing, he ran to the home of neighbor Brando, to see if she had taken baby Lisa home due to his fiancé’s intoxication.

Realizing that, along with his daughter, the family cell phones were missing as well, Irwin immediately called the police from his work phone.

With no significant leads in the case, attorneys quitting, national headlines, and multiple leads — up to 1,000 — the search continues for the missing infant and for clues that would solve this national mystery.