Baby Lisa Irwin 'Suspect Profile' Presented to New Police Chief

In what has become one of the most renowned missing children’s cases in recent years, the missing baby Lisa Irwin story is still not over as the new police chief has been even given the task of digging deeper and finding out what happened.

There were thousands of tips reported to the Kansas City Police Department after baby Lisa went missing in early October, but none of them has provided anything conclusive. Currently no suspects have been announced, although some reports suggested that the parents, Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley, are not telling the entire truth and things might be amiss.

The new chief of police in Kansas City, Darryl Forter, shared with KMBC News over the weekend that the case is still very mysterious and they do not have much to work with, but he is determined to get answers for the whole nation.

“If I thought it was too complex, I would have never become chief,” said Forte. "I would never take on anything that I thought we would fail in. I know, with community involvement, we can make a difference."

Besides the new police chief, there is also a missing children’s expert who has been interviewing witnesses and police agents, as well as investigating various leads that may offer a way to finding what happened to baby Lisa, according to the Examiner.

Gil Abetya has more than 25 years experience in looking for missing children, and he is driven by the memory of his own son that was stolen and never found.

According to the website, Abetya and his team have put together a “potential suspect profile,” based on all the witnesses they have interviewed, and handed it over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the police department. It will provide further assistance to the new police chief and the authorities on the case, which are not giving up on the search.

The department is urging anyone who has information on the missing girl to step forward, as it believes that the eyes and the ears of the citizens may still be the best hope for finding baby Lisa.