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Baby Monitor Hacked: Man Spies On Baby, Abuses Family Through Baby Monitor in Texas (VIDEO)

Baby Monitor Hacked: Man Spies On Baby, Abuses Family Through Baby Monitor in Texas (VIDEO)

A baby monitor has been hacked by a man yelling various curse words, shocking and terrifying the parents of a young girl who heard the man's voice coming from their daughter's bedroom in the middle of the night. Even more disturbing; the man was saying the little girl's name throughout the profanity-laden tirade.

A baby monitor has been hacked in a terrifying incident in Texas. | (Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)

The incident took place in Houston, Texas, and terrified parents Marc and Lauren Gilbert, who rushed into their 2-year-old, Allyson's bedroom when they heard the voice in the little girl's bedroom.

Once inside the room they realized that the voice was coming from the baby monitor.

The man who had hacked into the baby monitor was reportedly saying such things as, "Wake up you little sl**!" according to ABC News.

The man said the girl's name, and also went on to address the parents directly too, and knew their names.

The horrifying ordeal also got stranger when the parents realized that the baby monitor camera moved and followed them as they moved around the room, clearly showing that the person on the other end could see them.

As soon as Marc realized that the baby monitor had been hacked and was being controlled by the other person, he rushed and unplugged the monitor from the power socket.

The parents have admitted that they have no idea how long the man had control of the monitor, but the incident obviously has raised serious concerns regarding the security and safety of baby monitors.

The parents have explained that their daughter Allyson is in fact deaf and so was oblivious to the man's horrendous rant.

The police were called to the residence and are investigating. The Gilberts have also said that they will no longer be using the baby monitor, and that the event has left them terrified. They want to publicize the incident so that other parents can know about the security risk posed, and so the baby monitor companies can work towards making their devices more secure from hackers.

General advice is that newer digital baby monitors are more difficult for hackers to hack into than analog versions.

Here is a video news report into the terrifying incident:


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