Baby Rescued From Pipe After Being Flushed by Parents (VIDEO)

A newborn baby was rescued from a toilet pipe in China and taken to a hospital, where he is expected to survive. Officials believe his parents deliberately flushed the infant in an attempt to get rid of him.

Neighbors said that they heard an infant's cries and saw a tiny foot inside the toilet bowl; they immediately called the fire department of Jinhua, China, to rescue the infant. Firefighters had to go to the floor below and remove a section of sewer pipe, and when it was discovered that the infant was still stuck in the pipe, they took the pipe and the baby to the hospital.

Thankfully doctors and rescuers were able to remove the pipe without further injury to the baby boy. His afterbirth was still attached, officials said, but he is doing well and is in stable condition. The little boy is named Baby No. 59 after the number of his hospital incubator. Strangers have donated diapers, baby clothes, and milk to the child after hearing of his dramatic rescue.

Police are currently investigating the case, which they have labeled an attempted homicide. They believe the birth took place somewhere else because there was a lack of blood in the bathroom, and the landlord said she was unaware of any pregnancies among her tenants.

"Fortunately the baby survived, but the person (who abandoned him) is still suspected of attempted murder," an unidentified police officer said, according to

People have offered to adopt the baby boy if his parents are not found, but one doctor told Zhejiang News that he would be handed over to social services if he is unclaimed.

"Mom, come back! The baby is resilient and alive. Please show up, Mom. This is your own baby and he should return to your warm embrace soon," police posted on the media website Weibo.

The International Business Times noted that there is a high rate of child abandonment in China possibly due to the one-child policy, which requires parents to pay a fine for having more than one child.

Watch video of the rescue here: