Baby Seal Breaks Into New Zealand Home (VIDEO)

A New Zealand woman discovered a unique visitor in her home when she went downstairs one day: a baby seal had found its way into her residence.

The baby fur seal, which wandered from a nearby bay waterfront, snuck into the home through an open cat door.

“I was standing there thinking, ‘this is really strange,’” homeowner Annette Swoffer told the New Zealand Herald. Swoffer discovered the wild animal in her home when she went downstairs to check on her cats after hearing a curious noise coming from below.

“I thought the cats brought a rabbit or something in, so I went down and had a look- and there’s a seal in my kitchen,” she said.

Apparently, the young seal was tired from its journey. From the kitchen, it made its way to Swoffer’s sofa, closed its eyes, and proceeded to take a nap. When Swoffer called her neighbors to tell them about her unique intruder, they immediately questioned her sobriety. Eventually, they dropped by and saw for themselves the baby seal making itself at home.

Swoffer, who did not touch the wild animal, called the New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to report the incident. The Department of Conservation arrived at her home shortly thereafter to pick up the stray pup and return him to his natural habitat.

The Department of Conservation had already been on the lookout for a stray seal because someone reportedly saw the seal roaming through their garden, and others informed them of a wandering seal in the neighborhood.

The seal had traveled across a road and up a driveway before making its way into Swoffer’s home, according to an email from the New Zealand Department of Conservation to WTOP news station.

To watch a video of the furry seal relaxing on Ms. Swoffer's couch please view below: