Baby Shot in Stroller: Relatives Arrested for Lying to Police, Father Forgives Killers (VIDEO)

De'Marquise Elkins and an unidentified younger male have been charged with the first-degree murder of 13-month-old Antonio Santiago. Now Elkins' aunt and mother have been arrested for making false statements to the police.

2 photos(Photo: Courtesy Glynn County Police Dept.)Karimah Elkins (l) and Katrina Elkins have been arrested for giving false statements to police.

"We arrested them last night and brought them back to headquarters, where we afforded them the opportunity to make additional statements," Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering told the press. "They did, and that information led us to other witnesses … (who) led us to an area where the gun was disposed of."

"I know 100 percent that he's innocent," Katrina Elkins, De'Marquise's aunt, told WAWS news. "He was with me all morning." She maintained that he was having breakfast with the family and was not in the vicinity of the tragic shooting that claimed the life of 13-month-old Antonio.

"We have located a weapon," Brunswick spokesman Todd Rhodes told Reuters. "This weapon is being sent to the crime lab for testing," he added.

The 17-year-old Elkins and a 14-year-old accomplice were charged with murder after attempting to rob Sherry West while she was out on a walk with her son. The boys approached her and asked for money; when she said she had none, they shoved her out of the way and shot the child, killing him instantly.

Antonio's father, Louis, has remained relatively silent throughout the ordeal, but finally broke his silence when he visited a makeshift memorial to his son. Reports state that he received hugs and words of encouragement from those who were at the memorial.

"I have to go through here every day, knowing my son got killed on this corner," Santiago told First Coast News. "The support that we are getting is unbelievable, but all the support and everything will never bring my boy back; I appreciate it, I don't mean to sound, you know… I miss my boy."

"Like I said, I forgive these kids. I'd just like to ask them why. They should have just let them go once she said she didn't have any money and just let it be. I don't know what was in the minds of those kids," Santiago added.

Watch Santiago's time at the memorial here: