Baby Sold on Facebook: Grandfather Kidnaps and Sells Daughter's Newborn Baby (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters / Thierry Roge)A Facebook page is displayed on a computer screen April 21, 2010.

A baby has been sold on Facebook after being kidnapped by his grandfather and sold from person to person until eventually being placed for sale on the social networking website.

The extraordinary incident has led to the arrest of a businessman in India who attempted to buy the baby through the social media website. The man is reported to have paid 800,000 rupees (approx. $14,750) for the newborn baby.

According to local authorities, grandfather Feroz Khan kidnapped his newly born grandson from the boy's mother in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

After the mother gave birth to the boy the grandfather told her that the child had been stillborn. The grandfather is alleged to have sold the baby to a nurse at the hospital, who in turn sold the baby to a lab technician.

The lab technician, Gurpreet Singh, later posted a picture of the young boy when he was three days old on Facebook. Businessman Amit Kumar saw the Facebook post and offered to purchase the newborn.

The baby's true mother later became suspicious when the grandfather gave her a large sum of money – some of the proceeds he had made from the secret sale of her baby.

When she finally realized what had happened she reported the incident to authorities, and police later arrested Khan, his accomplice, as well as two hospital workers who initially had purchased the baby as well.

Kumar is also set to face charges for his part in the shocking case.

Authorities have said that Khan wanted to sell the baby because he was urgent to arrange a second marriage for his daughter. She had previously been married but the father of her child ran out on her before the birth. The grandfather was worried that he would be unable to find her a new husband if she already had a child.

It is reported that Khan and the two hospital employees could face up to seven years in prison if found guilty.

Here is a video news report into the incident: